February 25, 2013

Happy Monday... Enjoy the journey. Somber Gratitude

Feeling the warmth of the sun, I arose today with a refreshing sense of inner peace.  Instead of worrying, I  truly looked forward to my day.  I awoke feeling alive; no negativity had penetrated my mind during my slumber.  Breathing and stretching in bed, I rolled to my left side and looked out my window in the East Village towards lower Manhattan.  The "Freedom Tower" aka Tower 1, reaching for the sky, mesmerized me upon focus.  I felt tears well up in my eyes, recalling the morning of September 11th that changed history, and the world as we knew it.

I silently honored the innocents who have passed. My brother Ian was the first one to call to check on me that morning. Answering my cell  phone in a groggy state of mind after flying back home to Florida from a trip from New York the night before 9/11, I will never forget hearing his sobering voice of concern: "Sisteroo, we're being attacked, did you make it back to Florida okay?"  I had just moved into my college cottage in Fort Lauderdale, I didn't have cable TV set up. I could live without mundane television content, but I required internet access.  I turned on my computer and went to CNN.com for an update,  shocked and gasping as I fell off my chair.  I cried in disbelief when I saw what was happening to our beloved Manhattan.  No need to rehash that nightmare; we shall never forget. Rest in Peace, Spirits of New York. <3


I am grateful to be here. To be alive in the city of my dreams after an incredible (at times frightening) journey. I am a survivor. I am grateful for love, opportunity, kindness, happiness, and being alive.  I could go on and on, but I'm ready to take a break from the computer and hop on my other keyboard.  As I finish this blog post, I'm listening to Alicia Key's acoustic live version of Empire State of Mind (part II.)  Here come the tears again. Every moment is precious, indeed.

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