Happy Easter, Happy Spring, Happy Bunny Day!

Yes. I love rockin’ bunny ears and blowing bubbles in the air wearing a bikini. It’s not immaturity, it’s called having fun. And if being mature means being boring, well… Call it what you want. If you can’t enjoy life, what’s the point? I know I’M in no hurry to fade away and die.

Oh, and if you want to see some creepy Easter Bunnies that have surely caused numerous cases of ingrained fear of rabbits, go here: http://www.happyplace.com/15235/the-creepiest-easter-bunny-photos-ever-taken?fb_action_ids=10151653895241414&fb_action_types=og.likes&fb_source=aggregation&fb_aggregation_id=288381481237582

Love and light, baby. Love and light. Happy Easter and Happy Spring!  xo SuzyMae


Past epiphanies, soul journeys, and beautiful present-day chaos.

If not for meditation, my head would explode. Not literally, but I am surrounded by boxes, clothes, shoes, and all of the miscellaneous stuff New Yorkers accumulate in our small apartments.

I’m trying not to slack on my blog posts this week, but preparing for a move is never an easy feat in New York City. Oh, I’m not leaving. I’m very excited to be moving closer to the heart of the East Village. I can’t leave, I REALLY fit in here! I can be as eccentric as I want, and not get run over by angry nannies with baby strollers. (One of the hazards of living uptown.) Since I have a LOT to do today, I’ll post one the first pieces of poetic words I wrote when I first moved to NYC.  It was mid July, and I was still in awe that I had made it here… via a soul journey and very long unplanned solo road trip from Austin, TX to Manhattan.




I was losing myself, patience wearing thin

Angels transformed into devils… brewing within

A caged beast, claws ready to break free

This girl cannot be tamed by your “reality”

Ah, it feels so grand to be free of my cage.  Life is what you make of it, I’m truly convinced.  Only the brave can survive in this world without living in regret, anger, and loss.  A great deal of strength is required in order to let go and take a leap of faith.  Jumping into my car two weeks ago, I wasn’t sure what awaited me on the other side… In spite of everything, I knew that I needed an adventure this summer.  A spiritual cleansing, a bit of soul-searching.  Freedom.These are the best years of my life, in spite of the emotional roller-coaster inside my head.  At the same time, I’d like to think that the best years have yet to come.  I’m truly honored and blessed to have amazing friends and family.  Without love we will simply fade away, jaded inside.  Fear will destroy the possibilities in life, so I embrace the unknown… Amazing things come to good people who have patience. Yesterday in the midst of my epiphanies, I strolled through the streets of Manhattan on my way to my first shoot of the summer.  My inner-child glowed, and I felt the energy of the city flow into me.  Recharged by legitimate happiness, I realized I can finally breathe again.  Satiated in so many ways, and looking forward to the future… I’m no longer afraid of the unknown.  In fact, I embrace it with open arms.  It feels amazing to be alive.

-SuzyMae Howard July 13, 2007




Snowy slushy Winter’s last gnarly icy blast. This calls for MORE bikini pics! :D

UGH I can’t believe there was a blizzard in the city last night. Looking out the window, I am in disbelief that Spring officially begins tomorrow. I’m THIS close to making an appointment to get a spray tan, kidnapping my personal photographer, and booking us flights somewhere warm. Jetblue is having a sale! 😀


Here are the rest of the images from Saint Petersburg Beach last month. At least I can recall the warm sun upon my pale NYC skin and the sugary sand beneath my toes… and I ADORE hammocks.

SuzyMae in St. Petersburg, Florida SuzyMae in St. Petersburg, Florida SuzyMae in St. Petersburg, Florida SuzyMae in St. Petersburg, Florida SuzyMae in St. Petersburg, Florida



Monday Monday…

Happy Monday!  I hope everyone has recovered from St. Paddy’s Day weekend of green beer and Jameson’s.  I’m happy to say I behaved, as I had shoots and projects this weekend.  I attempted to give myself time off today, but I have been glued to the computer since this morning, catching up on emails and catching up with a dear friend from high-school online.  I don’t mind, at all. That’s the beauty of technology; I can work on my projects, while catching up with friends and family online. #MySmarterCommerce

So, I updated my Music section of the website… be sure to check it out. SuzyMaeNYC.com/Music  Next time there will be a piano, hopefully. Alas, I do enjoy singing acapella. The piano is always playing in my head. 😉

We had an amazing photo-shoot on Saturday.  Alisha Trimble provided the show-stopping pink dress. It was an absolute pleasure working with such a talented creative team:

© 2013 TeevonTeePhoto.
Model & Stylist: SuzyMae
Hair: Sasha Bay
MUA: Kaman-Lam Mua
Creative consultant: Robert Meyer — with SuzyMae Howard at Chelsea Daylight Studio.

Here’s a sneak peek:


886897_139135066259260_618464413_o 53702_139087936263973_285901457_o


Throwback Thursday! My first Fashion Week runway show. Designs by amazing Alisha Trimble.

I had a wonderful surprise on my personal Facebook page today… my friend Alisha Trimble posted the video of my first Fashion Week runway show.  “Throwback Thursday!”

Flashback to 2008.  I was new to the big city, and I met Alisha in a little boutique in Soho.  After chatting and finding out she was a fashion designer, I let her know I was a model.  She ended up booking me directly for Fashion Week.  I was SO excited!  Just goes to show, it’s all about networking and making friends.  We’re planning an amazing shoot for spring… the best is yet to come!

Check out the video… See if you can spot me.  I’ll give  ya a hint, long blonde hair in silver-gray dress.  😉

Even Einstein would get lost walking home.

“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant.  We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.”

Ah, good ol’ Albert Einstein.  He was known to consistently get lost when walking home, and he was truly a brilliant person.  I totally understand.  I still go in the wrong direction on the subway and get lost in the streets of Manhattan, even after nearly 6 years of living here… and I have GPS and Hopstop on my iPhone.  Brilliant, indeed.  This usually happens when I’m stressing out, in a hurry, or am distracted by thoughts that are clouding my better judgement.

I heard Al’s wonderful quote just before meditation today, with a focus on synchronizing the mind and body.  Intuition is something we often forget to acknowledge, instead listening to the “rational” mind that is often clouded with fear, anger, humiliation, and other negative emotions.  Positive emotions can also put a muffler on our instinctual abilities.  Passion, euphoria, and what we may think is love can facilitate absolutely silly decisions, especially when it comes to relationships; both romantic and otherwise.

So, today, and hopefully tomorrow and the days after, I am going to do my best to listen that little voice in the back of my head and that feeling in my stomach that leads me in the right direction.  Even when my emotions try to overcome the gift of intuition that exists within all of us.

Photo Source: guardian.co.uk
Photo Source: guardian.co.uk



“I have nothing to give other than the thoughts in my head. Maybe someday I can look in the mirror and see past the scared little girl, blue eyes brimming with tears.  I’ve been climbing mountains in my mind, desperately trying to leave the monsters behind.  All I can do is write down these words of vulnerability, in an attempt to figure out a way to untangle the intricate web inside my head.  Being alone in absolute silence frightens me to my very core.” -SuzyMae June 2002