March 18, 2013

Monday Monday...

Happy Monday!  I hope everyone has recovered from St. Paddy's Day weekend of green beer and Jameson's.  I'm happy to say I behaved, as I had shoots and projects this weekend.  I attempted to give myself time off today, but I have been glued to the computer since this morning, catching up on emails and catching up with a dear friend from high-school online.  I don't mind, at all. That's the beauty of technology; I can work on my projects, while catching up with friends and family online. #MySmarterCommerce

So, I updated my Music section of the website... be sure to check it out.  Next time there will be a piano, hopefully. Alas, I do enjoy singing acapella. The piano is always playing in my head. 😉

We had an amazing photo-shoot on Saturday.  Alisha Trimble provided the show-stopping pink dress. It was an absolute pleasure working with such a talented creative team:

© 2013 TeevonTeePhoto.
Model & Stylist: SuzyMae
Hair: Sasha Bay
MUA: Kaman-Lam Mua
Creative consultant: Robert Meyer — with SuzyMae Howard at Chelsea Daylight Studio.

Here's a sneak peek:


886897_139135066259260_618464413_o 53702_139087936263973_285901457_o


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