April 24, 2013

It's just a little molehill.

Yesterday a photographer I collaborated with in the past found it necessary to communicate his critique of my work over the phone. I really wish I hadn’t returned his call after hearing the voice-message, but I do strive to follow up with everyone. I did my best to keep my cool as I listened to what he had to say. I quickly ended the conversation by bluntly telling him MY perspective. I’m sure he could tell I did not appreciate his point of view. It did not benefit anyone and it nearly spoiled the rest of my afternoon.

Everyone’s entitled to their opinion. Opinions are like assholes: everybody has one. However, if you can’t say something nice or positive keep it to yourself, unless I ASK you for your critique. I am a huge fan of constructive criticism, when it’s the appropriate time and place. For example, in my acting and singing studies over the years. An artist can’t grow and evolve without constructive criticism from those who provide proper advice.

I often find myself making mountains out of molehills. I suppose this is especially true for creative types who are constantly critiquing themselves and being evaluated by others, usually by complete strangers. I love auditioning and performing regardless of the outcome. Every audition and performance is an accomplishment and opportunity in my book. I know I can’t please everyone, nobody can. I focus on those who do appreciate my work along with the progress I’ve made in my life, and vice versa. I may think a person is a jerk or I’m not a fan of their work, but I release the thought and move on to something more positive. Negativity is a time suck and negativity sucks.

When feeling dragged down emotionally, I force myself to stop my racing thoughts. I breathe deeply and realize I’m making a big deal out of nothing. When it comes down to it, who cares?

Really. Will this little thing that’s bothering me matter a year from now, let alone five years from now? Probably not. Will the grammatical errors in this blog post keep me from continuing to write? Nope. Will I stop acting if I don’t get the role? Unlikely. Will negative criticism of my music keep me from singing and performing? No way. Even if just one person gathers something positive and uplifting from my work that’s all that matters.

So today I’m making the conscious decision to focus my time and energy into what’s really important in life. Listening to the people who have something nice and positive to say, letting go of the bad vibes. Love and light.

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