April 17, 2013

Love and light in the darkness.

Thoughts to pour... thanks for reading.

I’m in my home office/recording studio in a daze on this beautiful spring day, listening to the noise pollution of the East Village, soothed by the sounds of birds chirping with Mother Nature’s breeze caressing me through the open window. This week has been a roller-coaster of human emotions, similar to Manhattan’s auditory spectrum.

I finally cried this morning, sobbing in disbelief. I’ve been putting all of my energy into work and projects, in shock after the tragedy in Boston. I have so many friends who live or have lived in Boston. I don’t even know where to begin.... The first person I checked on immediately was one my best friends. She’s okay, but NOT okay... if that makes any sense. To me it does make sense as reality dawns on me. I am still avoiding the media coverage, in an attempt to keep my emotions in check.

Boston has held a special place in my heart from an early age. I grew up in Florida, the major league spring training capital of America, singing the National Anthem at the big league stadiums in South West Florida. My favorite gig was singing at the opening of the Boston Red Sox games, the most impressive stadium of all. It was quite an honor for a young girl, an invigorating experience performing in front of so many people. My lil knobby knees shook the first time I walked out of the visiting team’s dugout, walking up to the microphone, encouraged by the ocean of people standing up with their hands over their hearts.

Being a creative spirit, I always wanted to live in Manhattan. When I moved to NYC, I still loved both the Yankees and the Red Sox, ignoring the frustration of people who are Yankee or Boston fans... who asked me to choose ONE team. The Yankees were super cool when they were the visiting team in Florida, applauding my singing. And yeah, I totally had girl crushes on the handsome baseball players. I now go to Derek Jeter’s gym, 24 Hour Fitness in Soho. (Subconscious decision on my part?) I’m a lover, not a hater. Why take sides?

I pray (I use this word sparingly as it’s a powerful word) that the lives lost in Boston are not forgotten and the world will focus on the goodness in people, instead of focusing on hate (another powerful word I use sparingly).

I hope you all join me, go outside and take a deep breath. Do something to make the world a better place today, even if it's something as basic as letting those you love KNOW you love them... before it's too late. Time is precious, indeed. It’s a blessing to be alive. Oh, and I’m totally going to look into rocking the National Anthem in Boston for the Red Sox and Yankees this summer. It’s long overdue. Love and light.

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