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"Diva behavior only works until your first failure."

Link below gives great advice to take to heart for any artist that is blessed with success. Stay humble, and DON'T let your mom be your manager when you're an adult. I fired my stage mom when I was 16. Sorry mom, I still love you. I'm very grateful for all you did for me […]

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The best is yet to come... debut of the 5ON7 fashion line.

In hair and makeup chair, modeling for an amazing first collection shoot that will certainly dazzle the fashion world. Preview of lookbook and fun end of shoot image with wonderfully talented designer Sung Lee. #5ON7      

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Flashback Friday! Let's warm up with fun bikini pics. Love and light, love and light. xo SuzyMae

This is the winter that won't end... it goes on and on my friends. Next year, I hope to be running around in a bikini instead of freezing my buns off.        

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"15 Steps and 5 Years Later"

*Words from second winter living alone in NYC* Thanks for reading. xo In a daze I stand alone lit in a florescent glow, a living breathing mannequin, quietly waiting.  Subway cars pass by in a loud rumbling rush, the cold stale air below the city flowing over me. Winter in Manhattan.  I was warned it […]

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Shooting in the East Village is always a fun adventure. Even in the cold.

Check out this amazing street art photography blog by Perry Julien. Absolute pleasure working with him. I'm one of the models representing my neighborhood, the wonderfully weird and artistic East Village NYC.

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