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Even Einstein would get lost walking home.

"The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant.  We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift." Ah, good ol' Albert Einstein.  He was known to consistently get lost when walking home, and he was truly a brilliant person.  I totally understand.  I […]

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It's always a pleasure to see a fellow Creative Spirit persevere and make it.  To find success in spite of the struggles, in spite of the doubt of others, in spite of the mundane expectations of the people around us... Here's Amanda Palmer's amazing story. Amanda Palmer: The art of asking

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"I have nothing to give other than the thoughts in my head. Maybe someday I can look in the mirror and see past the scared little girl, blue eyes brimming with tears.  I've been climbing mountains in my mind, desperately trying to leave the monsters behind.  All I can do is write down these words […]

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Sunday Funday, Spring is on the way

Today is a day of celebration. Happy Birthday, Bryan Thatcher! I can feel Spring in the air, and amazing things are already happening in 2013.

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Embrace me.

"Manhattan, I adore you.  Embracing me with your beautiful energy, I love you so." -SuzyMae Looking forward to an awesome photo-shoot today in Brooklyn, and coming home to my beloved Isle of NYC.  

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It's snowing in NYC. At least it's bikini weather somewhere. More fun pics from St. Pete Florida shoot.

Warm thoughts on this snowy morning in NYC.  Memories of my recent trip to Florida reminds me that this is Winter's last gasp.  I have to admit the elegant sight of the ballet of flurries are beautiful, but it would be lovely to be frolicking in a bikini in sunny Miami Florida's South Beach right […]

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The River Hudson kissing Manhattan.

"Her heart beats as she admires the elegant waves of the Hudson River gently kissing Manhattan."  – SuzyMae

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Adventures in Florida Part 1

Just came back from an amazing trip to Florida, visiting family and friends.  During the journey, I did a couple of photo-shoots at the beautiful locations along the Florida Gulf Coast.  Here's a sneak peek of a shoot at St. Petersburg beach. And yes, I'm rockin' the duck lips. 😀 Randomly found the lil ducky […]

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Happy Monday... Enjoy the journey. Somber Gratitude

Feeling the warmth of the sun, I arose today with a refreshing sense of inner peace.  Instead of worrying, I  truly looked forward to my day.  I awoke feeling alive; no negativity had penetrated my mind during my slumber.  Breathing and stretching in bed, I rolled to my left side and looked out my window […]

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