I knew from the moment I met her it was meant to be.


After a journey of uncertainty as a rescue from Tennesse, and in desperate need of a foster home, a lost pup found open arms and loving hearts in New York City. When the volunteer brought her by, she literally collapsed into my arms after a long road trip, avoiding going to a shelter and the possibility of death. I knew from the moment I met her it was meant to be.

I immediately renamed her, because Princess LeilaMolly suits her perfectly. She has brought so much joy into my life and the lives of others. She delights everyone she meets with her tale of survival and her sweet & goofy demeanor. (The squirrels she chases in the park may beg to differ.) And she is so smart & well behaved she often gets to come to work with me on TV & film productions. She gets A-List treatment, of course.

Please look into adoption when considering bringing a pet into your family. Or at least fostering an animal in need. There are so many beautiful lives that deserve another chance. And believe me, they know and appreciate the kindness with endless gratitude.

Thank you, Social Tees Animal Rescue for bringing this angel into my life. And much love to NYC’s School For The Dogs for helping Leila adjust to the big city.

Talking Shop: Soul journey to Manhattan, Interview on GRZNYC.com

Wow, this year has been amazing and super busy! Meant to post this a while ago. Here’s the link to a lovely interview on GRZNYC.com *much appreciation and gratitude*


Copyright photo by Savannah Spirit 2014


Never give up! Dreams can come true. #100DaysofHappiness – Day 12

After years of hard work as a performer, the time has finally arrived. I’ve earned my Actor’s Equity card! Very exciting, because I’ll be able to audition for Broadway shows and other professional theater productions. Right on cue, my first major musical audition is coming up very soon. It doesn’t matter if I get a role or not… this is just the beginning of accomplishing my lifelong goal of performing on Broadway. I am very grateful and overwhelmed, in a good way.



“Diva behavior only works until your first failure.”

Link below gives great advice to take to heart for any artist that is blessed with success.

Stay humble, and DON’T let your mom be your manager when you’re an adult. I fired my stage mom when I was 16. Sorry mom, I still love you. I’m very grateful for all you did for me in the younger years. Let’s leave the managing up to the professionals. <3


Never give up.

Writing a quick post today, because I’ve been neglecting my lil blog. Super busy shooting and moving.

Yesterday I was on set of the critically acclaimed TV show Blue Bloods for about 12 hours. Per usual, behind the scenes of a TV or Film shoot it can be a hurry up and wait game for the actors. As long as I’m doing what I love for a living and being fed delish food I don’t mind. And it’s a great show to credit on my resume. I have to say, Tom Selleck is an amazing actor. I am so inspired by the last scene of the episode.  Tears welled up in my eyes during his heart wrenching monologue that gave me chills. He still looks awesome for his age and is still rocking an awesome mustache.

I don’t mind the “hurry up and wait game”. I enjoy meeting and chatting with fellow thespians aka actors while waiting in between scenes. The topic of the struggles that come along with being a performer came up. Some people are very jaded. I have no clue as to WHY they even bother doing something they complain about constantly. I ignore them, accordingly. “I ain’t got time for that negativity.”

Others are acting on the side with a part time job, kinda like a hobby or the means of making extra money to keep food in the fridge. Then you have the ones who are like myself, who are pursuing their creative endeavors full time, dedicated 100 percent. I became friends with another lovely young actress who has been on a similar trail as myself. Persevering on a creative soul journey that has not been easy. Leaving our home states, friends, and families; living in different places with a purpose in mind. Both on paths that brought us to our destination of New York City, with the deep seeded belief that our efforts have not been in vain. I feel it’s better than graduate school, learning life’s lessons and becoming tough as steel. A necessity in the entertainment business.

I summed it up, and would like to share with other creative spirits. NEVER GIVE UP.  You never know what is right around the corner. If you give up, you are throwing away every ounce of blood, sweat, and tears that have fueled your journey to success.


“Reach for the stars.”

SuzyMae Howard