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Happy Independence Day aka Exploding Christmas (thanks Steven Colbert) - Sing it Whitney!

If listening to this doesn't bring tears to your American eyes there's something wrong with you. Happy 4th of July!

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Provocative and prolific.

In 2011 the Circle of Animals/Zodiac Heads appeared near the Plaza Hotel in New York City. Designed by Ai Weiwei, one of China’s most provocative and prolific contemporary artists. Creating approximately thirty spectacular art projects over twenty years, his life is as fascinating and brave as the woman who modeled for the statue above. Audrey Munson aka […]

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The best is yet to come... debut of the 5ON7 fashion line.

In hair and makeup chair, modeling for an amazing first collection shoot that will certainly dazzle the fashion world. Preview of lookbook and fun end of shoot image with wonderfully talented designer Sung Lee. #5ON7      

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Shooting in the East Village is always a fun adventure. Even in the cold.

Check out this amazing street art photography blog by Perry Julien. Absolute pleasure working with him. I'm one of the models representing my neighborhood, the wonderfully weird and artistic East Village NYC.

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