Throwback Thursday! My first Fashion Week runway show. Designs by amazing Alisha Trimble.

I had a wonderful surprise on my personal Facebook page today… my friend Alisha Trimble posted the video of my first Fashion Week runway show.  “Throwback Thursday!”

Flashback to 2008.  I was new to the big city, and I met Alisha in a little boutique in Soho.  After chatting and finding out she was a fashion designer, I let her know I was a model.  She ended up booking me directly for Fashion Week.  I was SO excited!  Just goes to show, it’s all about networking and making friends.  We’re planning an amazing shoot for spring… the best is yet to come!

Check out the video… See if you can spot me.  I’ll give  ya a hint, long blonde hair in silver-gray dress.  😉