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Wow, this year has been amazing and super busy! Meant to post this a while ago. Here’s the link to a lovely interview on *much appreciation and gratitude*

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Inspiration and Design

From a young age I’ve been creating and designing. There wasn’t much to do in Punta Gorda Florida other than fishing, swimming, and boating. Chasing iguanas gets boring after a while, believe me. Instead of becoming a professional animal catcher or olympic swimmer, I focused my energy into my education, art, music, dance, writing, and other creative activities. I’m quite grateful for the training and knowledge that prepared me for my life and career in the concrete jungle of Manhattan.

From a very young age I have adored computers and technology. A budding artistic creative geekess, I was very excited when my Dad and I built my first home computer back in the dial-up internet days of my youth. It was a Mac (before Apple computers were so proprietary, it was easily upgraded with memory cards and such…)  Alas, I’ve been in love with Apple products ever since.

Basic HTML coding was self taught when Myspace was still the “cool” social media platform. Avoiding medocrity, my best friend Krista and I made our pages fascinating and hilarious with amazing photos and animated amusing content. GIF images have been around for a while! I can’t help but giggle when GIF images are posted now as though it’s the latest craze of internet content.

Building and designing websites has required a lot of learning, trial and error, along with hours of tinkering and loss of sleep combined with beautiful frustration that never reaches perfection, sorta like my songs that are never finished. The most recent frustration is adjusting sites to be mobile friendly. People are more commonly surfing the ‘net utilizing their smart phones and tablets instead of computers. I imagine there will be an entire generation of people with horrible posture from slouching their necks to stare at their mobile devices. (That reminds me… gotta make appointment with my chiropractor ASAP.)

I strive to improve upon my tangible creative skills. Nurturing my knowledge has been a rather fun process, designing my modeling composite cards using Photoshop and assisting clients with their websites and promotional materials. I highly recommend for comp card and business card printing services. My creative consulting services are available, schedule allowing. Send me a message to discuss concepts and ideas.

You never know where or when design inspiration may hit you. My next idea of brand promotion is to venture out into the real world and have a traditional rubber stamp made of my logo. I’ve always been fascinated by rubber stamps… and beautiful wax emblems to seal documents and letters. I’m going to a place in the East Village that has been making custom stamps for years. I like to support businesses in my ‘hood, especially before they close due to rent increases.

My logo randomly appeared from my mind’s eye when I was doodling in my kitchen with a Palomino Blackwing pencil. (Best pencil EVER.) It looked pretty awesome, so I scanned it. The design is based on my initials written on a dollar bill I stuck to the ceiling of a infamous dive bar in Austin, Texas a few years ago. I’m sure it’s still there along with other bucks covering years of yellow cigarette infused bills. You never know where and when inspiration will appear.


Hi. My name is SuzyMae, and I am an addict.

Ha, caught your attention with this blog title, didn’t I? I’m not talking about drugs here folks. I’m talking about social media addiction. Or what I’d like to refer to as “timesuck”. My timesuck of choice is my personal Facebook page. What’s yours?

After realizing I wasn’t accomplishing as much as desired when working from home, I wondered… How many hours of our lives are spent on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and numerous social media platforms? How many hours of productivity are lost? How much precious real world human interaction disappears into the black hole of timesuck? These are questions that nearly brought me to the point of deleting my personal Facebook page. Thankfully, I allowed logic to overcome emotion. Upon Googling my inquiry, I found that this is not a new topic of internet discussion. (No big surprise.)

The Huffington Post reports that the average American spends 8 hours a month on Facebook alone. Only EIGHT? That’s nothing! And that doesn’t include the other timesucks. This week I honestly had to take a break from my addiction, overwhelmed by world events and the realization that I wasn’t putting enough of my time to good use.

I let everyone know that I needed a break by posting on my Facebook page, of course. I even deleted the Facebook apps from my mobile devices, figuring if anyone really needed to get in touch with me they have my email and cell number. Did I mention my texting/iMessage addiction? Even my mother texts these days. It’s a blessing and a curse. She likes to spend hours chatting my ear off on the phone. I love you Momma, but I’m a busy girl. Alas, that’s another blog post for another day.

I’m now back on “the Facebook”. I’m focusing more on my FB artist page, attempting to only periodically check and post on my personal page. I found somewhat of a solution by using one browser specifically for work and creative purposes, along with a separate browser for timesuck breaks. Celebrity gossip, ugh. I’ll admit, I’ve found myself wasting hours upon hours. Makes me feel dirty and ashamed. Seriously. I truly value privacy and respect. Did you see poor pregnant Kim Kardashian getting harassed by the obnoxious paparazzi leaving the airport? Fame frightens and intrigues me.

Although I was quite productive today, I did get sucked back in when friends started sending Facebook messages. I hate ignoring my friends. See? I’m already rationalizing my addiction.